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Join the pros, make your mark.

What is Garment Learning Studio?

We recognize the challenges of the fashion genre and respect the courage it takes to create.


(GLS) is the home for seasoned and early stage entrepreneurs to focus on your passion while cultivating the skills and creating connections to sustainably launch and sell your brand.

Who We Are For

Fashion Entrepreneurs & Students 🧶

Are You Building Your Brand? 👑

Our core members are fashion entrepreneurs on the road to building their fashion brand and selling their product. Whether you're just getting started, relaunching, or stuck near the finish line, let us help. This space is for you to connect with seasoned fashion apparel manufacturing veterans and a community of your peers. Learn, affirm, connect, and go further together.

Are You Studying Fashion In School? 🎓

If you're majoring / minoring in fashion, get a jump on the industry in a professional learning community. Complement your classroom learning with a responsive and dynamic ecosystem of entrepreneurs, other fashion students, and industry veterans. Showcase what you are learning and working on with people who "get it" and want to see you succeed. 

Why Join?

Your Membership Unlocks: 🔓

Modern Tools of the Trade ✅

Cultivate new skills and refine your toolset in order to make effective moves in the fashion business. Save precious resources by leveraging our timesaving tools: learn in real-time with interactive livestreams, utilize templates and guides, and weave yourself into a growing network of creatives, craftspeople, vendors, and more.

Community & Camaraderie ✨ 

Sustainability in fashion goes beyond material production to how we engage each other. Tackle inevitable challenges alongside other students and seasoned fashion operators. Garment Learning Studio exists to combat isolation, highlight valuable solutions, and spread a culture of sharing and success.

Make Your Mark 🚀

Garment Learning Studio is a collective for fashion entrepreneurs, students, and vendors to make meaningful strides toward your goals. Ultimately, your goal is to move from a creative idea to realized product. Our goal is to share all of our experiences, skills, and connections to help you streamline your production into a business you are proud of.

We've Got Your Back

Meet Your Hosts

Maria, GLS Founder & Host

Without Maria, Garment Learning Studio would not exist. Maria is an accomplished creative executive channeling her passion for supporting entrepreneurs into a thriving community.

Ashley, GLS Co-Founder & Host

Ashley is Garment Learning Studio's fashion forward designer with dynamic skills in marketing and social media, strategic consulting, and timeless style.

Noah, GLS Co-Founder, Technology & Learning

Noah is Garment Learning Studio's "secret weapon" focused on leveraging technologies, organizational learning and maximizing value for our members.

Join The Pros, Make Your Mark

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